Last Updated: February 17, 2021

Winter Wonderland Tips For Showing Houses In The Snow

Written By: Barbara L. Pearce
Snow filled pine trees, a snow filled yard, and a house surrounded by snow

Now that much of the country is blanketed with snow, we can enjoy the fact that we are used to snow in Connecticut.  We own shovels, snow blowers, and plows, plus ski pants, boots, and mittens.  With snow all over the country, it becomes easier to look at real estate in places with the equipment to do so.  Plus, it's a lot warmer here than in much of the Midwest, or even Texas!

Traditionally, buyers haven't really looked much at homes in the winter, and sellers haven't listed that early.  This year may be very different, since supply is short, and people should be willing to look whenever there is property to view.

A few things to Consider before Listing Your Home

If you want to list your home now--and we would highly encourage that--you should do a few things.  One is to make sure that your driveway is plowed, and your steps and walkways are completely clear.  If they are not, you need to use a lot of salt or sand, which will track into your clean home.  It's also a good idea to have a fire going, if you have a fireplace, the heat turned up in any case, and something that smells good in the oven or on the stove. 

Hygge is one of the hottest terms of the decade, and cozy is definitely a selling point.  Make your home look, feel, and smell cozy, and you will be well on your way to an offer.  Lean into what you cannot change--if you can't make your backyard look like a party setting in the snow, try a snowman, for added atmosphere.  If you don't have flowers blooming, consider wreathes of dried flowers.  Bird feeders might bring a spot of color, if you are lucky.

We know that you need all those heavy outdoor clothes, but find a place to store them for showings.  It's hard to declutter in snowy weather, but well worth doing.  And find a place for all those winter implements, so that buyers can dream of summer.  Maybe pool toys by the back door instead?

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