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Congratulations on your decision to build a career in the real estate industry! There is no more rewarding field for those with entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to achieve unlimited success.

At Pearce Real Estate, we understand what it takes to support our sales associates in their endeavors.

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Since our founding in 1958, we have provided an environment that has nurtured the growth and development of successful real estate careers.  We are a company that is both large enough to provide the support you need, and small enough to treat everyone like family.

As one of the largest independently owned and operated real estate company in Connecticut, we stand by our communities, making a commitment to the welfare of the towns that we serve. It is our goal to grow large enough to provide uncompromising service, while remaining small enough to maintain personal relationships with our clients. 

We have a breadth of experience and information, as well as a community oriented team to support you. 

We hope you will get in touch with us!

"I attended my first sales meeting in the Pearce New Haven office as an observer....The manager announced that she was going to be away that weekend and said, ‘I won’t be able to have my cell phone on all the time, but try calling me if you need anything. If you can’t reach me, call Barbara.’ That impressed me greatly. Where else does every agent have a direct line to the owner of the company? I have since used that ‘lifeline’ to Barbara several times in difficult transactions, always with the best results."


David Mayhew, REALTOR®  Guilford Office

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If you are willing to work hard and want a career that will earn you both money and respect, then Pearce Real Estate is the company for you. Call us on our career hotline (203) 281-6500 x 850 or fill out the form below to find out how you can become one of the most successful REALTORS® in the business today!

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