Last Updated: June 13, 2021

Home Seller FAQs

Written By: Pearce Real Estate

Q: When is the best time to talk to an agent about listing a home?

A: If you are thinking of selling your home, you should get an agent involved ASAP.  The agent can help with determining what needs to be done, if anything, to the home prior to listing. We have a preparing your home for the market checklist to help in improving the first impression with buyers as well as things that need to be done prior to listing.
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Q: What do I ask when looking for a potential real estate agent to sell my home?

A: It is important to ask the agent if they are familiar with the area in which your home is located.  Ask how they will market your house and where their branches are located.  Pearce has offices located in high traffic areas and most of our offices have windows to showcase our listings--most of our competitors do not. Ask for references from the agent so you can speak to previous clients.  Additionally, you should discuss the best methods of communicating with you (ex: text, email, phone call, etc.).

Q: What should I do to get my house ready to sell?

A: Be sure you are showing potential buyers that your home is welcoming, spacious, and easy to maintain—the kind of place you’d like to buy.  Cleaning and decluttering inside are a must, and you also want to make sure indoor lighting is bright, mold and mildew are removed from bathrooms, and the exterior is neat and tidy.  Do a little every day, and before long, your home will be ready to make the impression that can make the sale.  Get more tips and guidelines for preparing your home for showing and open houses, and be sure to contact an expert in one of Pearce’s offices. Your Pearce Real Estate Agents are local experts and can help you customize your checklist and connect you with resources for getting your home ready.

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Q: What does a real estate agent do for sellers?

A: A qualified real estate agent who has local expertise is your best partner for selling your home.  Pearce REALTORS® receive superior training, which means that you get superior representation throughout the process of selling your home. Our REALTORS® know the business and they pass that education on to you, helping you make informed decisions.  Our agents will strategically determine the price, marketing strategy, and buyers that meet your home’s unique qualities, and advise you every step of the way.   Learn more about what Pearce will do to sell your home and take the worry and work out of your hands.

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Q: How long does it take for a home to sell?

A: There are a lot of factors when it comes to the time it takes to find a buyer for your home. It is a mix of luck, and circumstances both within and outside of your control.  Selecting a qualified real estate agent with local market savvy is one of the most important things you can control.  Your Pearce agent can help you get the maximum price for your home in a reasonable time.  He or she will be able to advise on the steps you can take to help your home sell more quickly, as well as help understand the market conditions that are not in anyone’s control.

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Q: How do I maximize the amount I get for my home?

A: Working with a licensed, local real estate expert is one of the most beneficial steps you can take to get your home sold for its maximum price.  Your Pearce REALTOR® is immersed in Connecticut real estate and knows how to price your home competitively, develop marketing strategies, and network to bring buyers into your home.  When the right buyer comes along, your  REALTOR® can expertly negotiate offers on your behalf.   There are actions you can take, too!  Making even small home improvements, as well as keeping the interior and exterior clean, clutter-free and appealing, will maximize potential buyers’ interest.

Of course,  there are some factors that are not in your control when it comes to the amount you get for your home.  You can’t change your home’s location, the time of year, or what the market will bear at any given time, but getting organized with the right team on your side will help get you the most for your home.  Our Customer Service team is available to answer questions and guide you to a knowledgeable Pearce Real Estate agent who has current market-value expertise in your area.  Your expert Pearce Real Estate Agent will be able to guide you through getting the most for your home, starting with a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) of your home.

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Q: How should I prepare for a real estate home showing?

A: At Pearce Real Estate, we have pooled our wealth of expertise to compile a checklist for making your house show ready before you leave your property.  The big items:  be sure your home is clean and odor- and clutter-free, the lights are on, the beds are made, and the dishes and laundry are put away.  Your agent can help you with suggestions that are specific to your home, lifestyle, and time of year.  Check out our complete home showing check list.

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Q: How do I manage buying and selling a home at the same time?

A: Your agent will be able to coordinate and discuss the ins and outs of buying and selling.  With Pearce by your side you are never alone through the whole buying and selling process!

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Q: What should I bring to the closing?

A: Working with a Pearce Real Estate agent makes your job easy, even at closing time.  Sometimes, your agent can even be at the closing so you don’t have to be.  Your agent will have all your paperwork in order, so all you have to bring are: 

  • keys
  • key/lock codes (if applicable)
  • garage door openers (if applicable)
  • government issued ID
  • bank check for repair credits offered to buyers (if applicable)
  • checkbook (just in case)
  • anything else your real estate agent tells you to bring
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Q: I need to relocate for a job, can my Pearce Real Estate agent help with that?

A: Our Relocation Division has full-time relocation coordinators available to assist you with your move.   Pearce Plus provides assistance with real estate needs anywhere in the world.   If you are planning on moving to the New Haven area, we are local experts and can even arrange to show you around the different communities that are likely to meet your needs.  Learn more about our relocation services.  

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