Last Updated: December 17, 2022

Words That Help Sell Real Estate

Written By: Barbara L. Pearce
Scrabble Words

As we know, almost everything that has to do with data now gets tracked by somebody. We are grateful that Point2 analyzes trends across the country for ad words that work for real estate sellers. They even break it down by region, and the Northeast was separated.

It's not surprising that yard and patio/porch would show up in the age of COVID. In our climate, basement, garage, and fireplace are also not a surprise. The descriptors that would appear on almost every list would include hardwood floors, open floor plan, full bath, walk-in closet, and storage. Our current desire for space and privacy, combined with the luxuries sought by modern buyers gives us that list.

What works in a high price range?

Stainless steel appliances and granite countertops are the additions when you break it down by sales price. Looking at new trends, specificity counts. That should lead sellers to focus on the details that might attract today's homebuyers, as would be true of the appliance and countertop comments.

In addition, anything "spacious" or "open" gives a flavor that appeals to those looking in this market. In the olden days of real estate, we used to joke that "good house, great price" was the best thing to say, because it wouldn't turn anybody off with amenities they didn't want. Swimming pools were always mentioned in that category, since half of buyers seem not to want the bother and expense of an in-ground pool, hence they would have to spend money to fill it in. Search engines have changed that dynamic somewhat, as they rank sites based on their appeal to those searching. If buyers are searching for "yard" or "open space", a home that mentions those words will come up faster.

The takeaway

Here is that what words you use to describe your property matter, and you should think carefully, because you will have to choose only a few. What are the features that caused you to buy that home? Or what work did you do after you bought, or before you sold? What can you quickly do now? Tapping into the latest trends can help your house stand out in a field of other listings.

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