Last Updated: January 22, 2023

The Greater New Haven Real Estate Market Comes Earlier in the Year--Don't Miss It

Written By: Barbara L. Pearce
New Haven CT Town Green

Because of the number of colleges, universities, and hospitals, New Haven tends to run on a July through June year. Given the large number of new hires that start in July, those offers are already beginning to take place. If you are thinking about selling your home this spring, you should think about putting it on the market much sooner than most national experts recommend. The hardest time of the year for agents here to find listings to show is late winter. We are already approaching that season now!

2023 may prove easier for sellers

Of course, there are many tasks to complete before putting a property on the market, and some of those are harder to accomplish in bad weather. So far this year, we have had almost no snow, so 2023 may prove easier for sellers. The most important chore is decluttering, and that can be done in almost any climate and season. Other than some curb appeal enhancements, and some freshening up with paint and cleaning, there isn't too much else that you can do now, and still hit the market at the crucial time.

However, the advantage of being available for showings when there is little competition almost always outweighs some of the improvements that could be made with a longer lead time. An early sale can also allow sellers to be ready to look for their next home by the time most choices appear.

contacting a Realtor is also at the top of your priorities

For buyers, the first items on your list should be contacting a Realtor and signing a buyer broker agreement, along with signing up for alerts on homes that come onto the market. Also, if you have not already done this, you should be sitting down with a mortgage broker or banker, and getting your price limits and credit scores ready, before you start making offers.

For sellers, contacting a Realtor is also at the top of your priorities. That person will give you an idea of the steps you can take quickly, in order to position your home for sale. He/she will go over next steps, and help you to decide the all-important issue of the asking price. It is critical to price appropriately, as buyers know the landscape as well as--or better than--you do, and a price that is too high may cause the property to languish. Most sellers find that the earliest offers are the best, with the most motivated buyers. Once you know the starting price, you can start thinking about where you will move, and that will allow you to be as flexible as necessary when it comes time to set a closing date.

Some version of this advice has appeared over and over again, through the years, on this site. That's because there are always new buyers and sellers. Even if this is not your first rodeo, it may be the first time that you are planning a property transfer in Greater New Haven. Hence this message, with all due urgency!

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