Last Updated: November 27, 2022

Sellers, Change It Up

Written By: Barbara L. Pearce
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We were surprised to learn that 18.5% of sellers drop prices on the properties they have listed on Thursday. Monday and Wednesday are next most popular. Weekends are very unlikely to produce price changes, as agents are busy with showings and open houses.

Make Your Listing Stand Out

Wouldn't that be an easy way to make your listing stand out? Change the price on Friday, or even Saturday morning. People who are searching for property look often, and many get notified of any updates in the market. That means that you can stand out from the crowd, and maybe get a closer look, just by delaying a price drop for a day or two.

What else could you do to sell in this market?

Offer to pay the January taxes. With the end of a year, and holiday expenses, giving buyers a little more breathing room might just do the trick. They might be planning to appeal the assessment, or even take out a mortgage after the closing, and a payment by you could make the whole transaction easier.

Offer a bonus to the agents.

Again, money means more at this time of the year. Many also are bonus plans that make it advantageous for them to get more income coming in during this calendar year. Even a gift certificate could give them a little extra incentive to bring in a buyer now.

Of course, none of these ideas take away from the basics--staging your property, pricing it correctly, and using professional photography. Assuming that you've covered those bases, maybe you can think outside the box, and finish your transaction a little sooner.

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