Last Updated: August 27, 2021

School Is Back In Session, And So Is The Real Estate Market

Written By: Barbara L. Pearce
Small house on an autumn’s day

It may still be close to 100 degrees outside, but fall is on the way. Kids are headed back to school, vacations are mostly over, and many people still think of Labor Day as the true start of a new year.

If you are interested in selling your property, now just may be the season

There are plenty of buyers out there, and many of them were shut out of the spring market with too much competition. Also, we've been reading about the "wedding boom" that is following the COVID pause, so more households are forming all the time. People who have been living in pods are headed back to work, sometimes in remote locations, and change is in the air. Listing your home now will attract all of those groups.

Don't get greedy!

The fall buying window is shorter than the one in the spring, and it isn't a good idea to try to test a high price, with the thought that you can drop it later. Figure out your bottom line, and price to sell where you can make that number, but where it will appraise out.

Buyers should be thinking that they can take another bite at the apple, now that the rush is over. Fall in New England is glorious, and many homes look at their best. You just may fall in love with your forever home. Winter is coming, and it will be so nice to be settling into a new place, just in time for the holidays. The pandemic months gave everyone a chance to see what isolated living is like, and to get a better sense of their priorities in a home. Now that you know, it's time to act.

Real Estate's New Normal

We've all spent the last year and a half in a state of suspended animation, while we wait to see what the new normal will end up looking like. While there are still no firm answers, there are clear trends, and clear preferences among buyers. We have become more adaptable, because we've had to, and we can apply that trait to fitting ourselves into new living situations. Learning to embrace the possible has been a key success factor lately, and it applies well to real estate.

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