Last Updated: December 15, 2021

Books About Real Estate And New Haven

Written By: Barbara L. Pearce
Books stacked on top of one another

In this season of giving and receiving, it's always a good time to suggest books 

While the two I am recommending don't loan themselves to a frivolous afternoon of transporting fiction, they remain among my favorites.  We have been inundated this year with books, some very good, about racism, segregationist history, and our nation's troubled past.  While I have read many of them, and think highly of some, two from past years still stick out in my mind.

The first is my personal choice for best real estate book ever 

It unveils a whole pattern of redlining and housing discrimination, that was perpetrated at the highest levels of our government.  Its full title is The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America (Liveright, 2018), and it's by Richard Rothstein.  If you have a political relative, a student of sociology or economics, or a factoid junkie in your household, this book is for them!  It will also make clear to real estate professionals, investors, and followers why we have some of the restrictions on owners and landlords that now exist.  

My second recommendation is a much older book

Joining the Club: A History of Jews and Yale (The Yale Scene: University Series).  It was published by Yale University Press in 1986, and it goes far beyond the title topic, in explaining the history of marginalized groups in New Haven, town/gown relations, and a sad part of our past.  This has a little bit of "inside baseball" in that, for those of us who are from New Haven, there are many names that we recognize, institutions that we have known, and a little bit of gossip thrown in for good measure.  When I checked it for this post, it seems to be somewhat hard to get, so libraries may be a better choice for this one.  

All of us hope for some quiet time by a fire, maybe with a glass of wine or a cup of tea, and some relaxing moments to read in the cold winter months ahead.  I hope that these two suggestions will keep you--or someone on your gift list--absorbed for some of those hours.  

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